Jason Richardson


For Mass Effect: Andromeda I designed and implemented all player powers (in singleplayer and multiplayer), the player skills progression system (singleplayer and multiplayer), and all multiplayer characters. I also worked on melee attacks, evades, some AI, level design support, loot and economy, and exploration systems. Additionally I implemented some of our core design tools (in C++).

The Pull and Throw powers

The Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Trailer highlighted some of my work (starting at time 2:10 through the end of the video).

ME:A's powers and skills progression have been particularly well received and called out as a highlight of the game. Quotes:

"This pairing of high-speed movement and a platter of abilities is what I'm most excited about." - PC Gamer review

"The depth and complexity of the skill system is excellent. The sheer number of build options available is hugely impressive." - Skill-Up's Reddit AMA review

"I think everyone will agree that the plethora and functionality of skills is awesome. It's literally a case of I want to use ALL the skills in my builds, because so many of them are just that good." - Skill-Up's Reddit AMA review



On Bioshock Infinite I assumed ownership the following enemy types through launch:

The Motorized Patriot
Motorized Patriot
The Fireman
Rocket-man and Grenadier
Rocket Man
Small Arms & Melee Enemies
Melee & Pistols

Worked with other designers on the


Crow Man


OLD DESIGN PROJECTS (2005 and earlier)


I have designed a simple isometric, action game for Epic Games' Unreal Development Kit (http://www.udk.com/). Please download the design document from the link below:

Download PDF Document

I then implemented the design in UnrealScript, a scripting language similar to Java and C#, and used the UnrealEditor to create a small, isometric level. This submission serves as an example of my ability to prototype gameplay via scripting. No source code was available for this mod. Follow the link below to watch a Fraps video of the completed mod, or visit Coding & Scripting to see a sample of my UnrealScript.

Download Movie


To highlight my ability to utilize existing RPG toolsets and to script complex quests, cinematics, and puzzles, I have developed a short module using the Neverwinter Nights 1 (Aurora) toolset. It is a single-player, story-driven puzzle that can be completed in under 15 minutes.

The origin story given to your character in this module, as well as some of the conversation in the module, will change depending on your chosen sex and class category (this module considers the available Neverwinter classes to be divided into two categories: melee and caster classes). The conversations in this module will also vary depending on your character's intelligence and wisdom statistics.

The module is available below for download. Alternatively, you can download a Fraps movie below displaying the highlights of the module. Note: this module was developed with the "Neverwinter Nights Diamond" edition, with the latest downloadable updates as of June 2009, and may not be playable on older versions of "Neverwinter Nights".

(If the file does not automatically prompt you for download, please disable any pop-up blocking software that you may have running and try again.)

Download Zipped Module

Download Movie


Download PDF Document

This short design document was constructed purely as an example of my creative design and technical writing ability. It showcases an invented MMORPG character class: a defensive caster called the "Eldritch".

This document assumes that the pertaining MMORPG is similar in user interface and other gameplay elements to Blizzard Entertainment's "World of Warcraft". The intent of this particular design is not to break ground with a new MMORPG combat system, but simply to demonstrate my ability to create compelling MMORPG design within an existing type of system.

See Eldritch Class Supporting Documentation for developmental material that I created to assist in making this design document relevant.