Jason Richardson


Proficient with:

  • C++
  • UnrealScript
  • idScript

I specialize in implementing systems that require aesthetic talent and have worked very closely with animators on multiple projects to produce quality in-game character behavior. I have more than 6 years of professional experience with the Unreal Engine and more than 1 year of experience using a modified idTech 4. On multiple occasions I have functioned as a programming lead, managing and tasking teams of programmers and coordinating with other departments.

Systems that I have designed and implemented include, but are not limited to:

  • Combat AI: squad behavior with formation cover usage, dynamic wave combat, open world police/security system, boss battles, etc.
  • Player input on modern console platforms
  • Server-authoritative multiplayer (involving network traffic conservation, relevancy determination, client prediction, etc.)
  • Skeletal animation

I have a solid understanding of object oriented programming and spatial mathematics, excellent problem-solving skills, and efficient, well-documented coding methods.

C++ code samples are available on request, but to demonstrate my coding style I am including an UnrealScript example below. It defines the player controller class for an isometric game demo that I made with Epic Games' Unreal Development Kit (see Game Design).

Download UnrealScript Example

As an example of my ability to use scripting languages to create complex quests, cinematics, and puzzles, I am including a sample of Aurora script from my Neverwinter Nights 1 module (see Game Design).

Download Aurora Script Example